Waste Logic is a waste and recycling consulting firm.

Since 1992 we have worked on behalf of our clients to find the most cost effective solutions for the disposal of solid waste and recyclable materials. We manage all aspects of your waste and recycling program – scheduling, service frequencies, temporary bins and more.

Our clients include nationwide grocery chains; restaurant groups, retail organizations, property management companies and individual business locations.

Here are some of the ways Waste Logic can help you:

Cost Reduction

Waste Logic manages over $25 million in waste and recycling services in Canada per year. By leveraging our buying power with large service waste haul providers we are able to achieve up to 40% savings on our customers’ waste and recycling costs.

Single Point of Contact

Our staff are waste and recycling experts who manage all aspects of our clients’ waste and recycling programs. One call ensures your scheduling, service frequencies or need for temporary bins are looked after.

Multi-Location Consolidation

Clients that have multiple locations will benefit from our ‘easy to read’ consolidated invoice broken down by location.

Contract Cancellation

Waste Logic will diarize the cancellation date of your existing contract. Automatic renewals will no longer apply.

Our Process




We’ll analyze your current waste production, composition and monthly volume. The diversion of recyclables and organic materials can present another opportunity to limit landfill costs and reduce the impact on the environment. Waste Logic is aware of local bylaws ensuring you remain compliant while exercising the most cost-effective solutions.
Once we better understand your waste and recycling requirements we’ll develop a plan and determine the best rates for your service requirements. We factor in location and type of business to create realistic cost objectives. We’ll explore whether available rebate programs may be applicable to your situation, reducing your costs further.
Waste Logic tracks, analyzes and reports on services to ensure our clients receive maximum savings.

Front Load Bin Monitoring

Waste Logic offers the latest technology allowing our clients to maximize waste container capacity and service.

Front load bins are equipped with a small sensor that provides infra-red monitoring indicating a bin’s location and fullness. This provides the ability to monitor in real time, which bins need servicing or attention, reducing the risk of overflowing bins and complaints. This technology is both accurate and effective in assisting with waste stream audits in order to gain operational efficiencies which often translate to reduced costs.

Equipment Offerings

Waste Logic can supply you with waste compactors and balers available for rent or purchase. Ideal for:

  • Remote Camps & Catering
  • Malls
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hotels
  • Theatres

The equipment is used to:

  • Reduce haulage offering a compaction
    ration of 4:1
  • Achieve higher rebates for recyclable material
  • Dispose of confidential material

Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your waste and recycling sustainability goals.